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The value of it is close to 40 million and has a diameter of 79 cm.

Presented at Australia 's largest gold coin in the world, worth 40 million ! It has a content of pure gold 99.9 % and weight 1012 kg, that's more than a ton. On one side depicting a kangaroo and on the other a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of England, after Australia belongs to the British Commonwealth. The diameter is 79 cm and thickness of 12 cm , while the construction took 18 months of hard work.

"The construction of such a coin was a big challenge for us," says Ed Charmpouz , director of the Perth Mint, the largest Australian company engaged in the purchase and storage of precious metals.

This currency is taking the record from its predecessor, a Canadian coin diameter 53 cm and weighing 100 pounds , who had come to auction in Vienna on June 25 , the historic auction house Dorotheum. That gold coin, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records, built in 2007 and depicts one side of Queen Elizabeth II of England and the other three maple leaves, the national symbol of Canada. The coin belonged to the Austrian company AVW, which recently filed for bankruptcy.


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