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Article title: Do you wear rings? On what finger ?

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Do you wear rings? On what finger ? See what it means !

ringsPlacing a ring at any finger can be regarded as a kind of filter . The rings are symbols , which themselves have ... special power and significance and is quite interesting to look at where to place them in any finger , either right or left and what is the significance , the symbolism and meaning of each choice. You could say that each finger has certain inherent characteristics that ring will either enhance or reduce these physical properties . So when you put a ring on any finger would do well to understand that we can " filter " these qualities so vital for prosperity , self - expression , feelings and thoughts .


Wearing a ring often gives messages to someone, but to across the world . Since the left hemisphere of the brain corresponds to the logic and controls the right hand, it is clear to think that wearing a ring on the right hand there is a desire to control the lives and our actions . Similarly , the right hemisphere controls the left hand and creative ability . The rings then the left hand symbolizing beliefs , creativity and inclinations . Wearing a ring on a particular finger is usually associated with the desire to increase the energy associated with this finger.First , when we look at the hands to place the ring , we are good to know this simple fact: that each hand has a different meaning. The left hand is the passive - receptive hand while his right hand off the left hand yin, the right hand yang. With your left hand take action. With his right hand giving energy. There is a balance here and both sides are equally necessary for our wellbeing .Both hands can be seen as a balance between receiving inward forces energy we need and creating the structure of our life in the outside world .
the fingersEach finger has both positive and negative features and will have to be aware of congestion by placing the rings . The effects may be insignificant at first, but for a long time can become serious .

 ( Indicator )Any emphasis on the index will tend to highlight the characteristics of leadership, executive ability, ambition and confidence . The person who chooses rings for the index , driven to put himself in an executive role , often involuntarily . The power and exaggerated ambition and our need to escalate our ego and to gain strength and endurance. Because associated with leadership and ambition. Kings , priests and healers wear rings on their index because it is believed that this finger has a special power . In the same way everyone can highlight his own power.

 ( The middle finger )The middle finger is called " finger of Saturn " and here we find the properties related to the human law and justice . It also emphasized the sense of what is right and what is wrong in any given situation . Other attributes associated with Saturn is a certain tendency to introspection , privacy and materialism .It is the tallest finger and is connected to our goal in life . Since it is also the center of the hand represents our identity and the things that are most important to us . Those who wear a ring on the middle finger , often want to be the center of attention .But it is important to bear in mind that older , was the only finger not wearing the ring. We do not know exactly why this exception , but perhaps an explanation is given by the testimonies of old cheiromanton : they believed that the middle finger is the " doctor " of the body and is connected to major organs like the liver and intestine . Perhaps then, prefer not to burden this important finger jewelry to reduce non- balancing function.

 ( The ring finger )The ring finger represents, above all , creativity . Is creativity in artistic expression , the skill , and creativity in every endeavor of life. It emphasizes the power within each of us that creates self-expression at every level and is supportive of all other actions , lending their grace , beauty and compassion .Wearing a ring on the ring finger means a connection to the heart, since it is connected with an artery that is directed towards the heart . It is connected with the feelings of our love . First ring here represents commitment and promise of eternal loyalty to the person who gave it . If the ring has been bought by ourselves , indicates that we love ourselves , and that we believe in our talents .

 ( The baby finger )The little finger is associated with our communication skills , not only verbally but in every way .A ring at this point , is a sign of dependence on business and personal relationships. It is a symbol of our relationship with others. This finger is the opposite of the finger of independence , associated with our attitude toward others , intimacy, and the material world . It also expresses the relationship that one has with oneself . Wearing a ring is a sign of honor , but wearing many rings is usually a sign that a person has low self esteem and that wants to attract the attention of others .

 ( Thumb )The thumb finger is very important because it represents the quality and strength of will, both personally and in general . We all need this quality , but the thumb , anyway , emphasized by hand by the very nature of our anatomy , so it would be wise for a person to have to focus on the quality of the will , other than a temporary basis. Be careful when wearing rings here in terms of any changes that occur in the time that we wear .

 * A note on the use of the rings.

When we get up in the morning to choose what you wear is a personal choice . It might seem that it is not so important and can eg blue shirt not be exactly right or gray dress is not perfect, but we honor our intuition with these options .Thus many times and by selecting the rings . Depending on what finger you wear it , we nod to our intuition to get the starring role.However , we must recognize the fact that most of us choose a ring from some deep feeling and finger the place often remains the same for many years , sometimes even for as long as we live .The feeling within us these options , because a ring can have deep meaning for us. From these small pieces of jewelry can draw solace , healing, courage , memories , and even power and, yes , strengthen feelings such as love and devotion .So , here we offer a guide . This guide is not intended to replace any intuition . This deep fascination we feel for a particular ring , metal, stone or design , you must listen . So please honor our intuition and take what is offered here , as information only , for enhancing and deepening on what our heart already knows .

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